First industrial maturity of dye sensitized solar cells – Watt d’Or 2014

Plants convert sunlight into energy through photosynthesis . The efficiency is remarkably low with 1-4 %. The plant makes the low energy yield but compensated by photosynthesis is running even at very low light and so deep works from dawn to dusk . This is exactly how the third generation of photovoltaics, the so-called dye sensitized solar cell technology , also known as the Grätzel cell. In one driven by light-sensitive dyes technical photosynthesis the transparent cell generates electricity even in low ambient light. The glass2energy ag ( g2e ) in the Fribourg Villaz-St-Pierre (Switzerland) has now brought the technology as the first company in the world to industrial maturity . The attractive panels could soon adorn the surfaces of our furniture , walls, windows and facades. The Watt d’Or 2014 in the category of renewable energy goes to the glass2energy ag , new ways for an inexpensive and aesthetic power production for the urban world of tomorrow .

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