ORGANICA – mass production of high purity dyes for dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) started

Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) are based on a sensitizing dye as light-absorbing material, creating the electrons as power generator. The DSSC, which is typical for the third generation solar cell, has made phenomenal progress since its discovery in 1990 by Michael Grätzel. Conversion efficiencies of over 12 percent and excellent stability have now been reached rendering it a credible alternative to conventional p-n junction photovoltaic devices. DSC have become viable contenders for largescale future solar energy conversion systems on the base of cost, efficiency, stability and availability as well as environmental compatibility. 2006 ORGANICA started 5 with the development of improved synthesis procedures, enabling the company to scale up this production into multi-kilogram-scale. In connection with the larger production scale ORGANICA themselves was able to reduce the production cost as an important condition for the competitiveness of large-scale industrial DSSC production, able for substitution of silica based photovoltaics.

Dyes available:

  • Dye N3 (11060) CAS: 141460-19-7
  • Dye N719 (11070) CAS: 207347-46-4
  • Dye Z907 (11092) CAS: 871466-65-8
  • Dye C106 (58310) CAS: 116943-93-0
  • Dye K19 (59780) CAS: N/A
  • Energy Relay Dye (ERD) PTCDI (57490) CAS: 112078-08-7

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The first developed synthesis of sensitizing dye by ORGANICA was Dye N719 (11070) CAS: 207347-46-4, now the most common high performance dye:

Dye N719

Dye 11070 was followed by Dye Z907 (11092) CAS: 871466-65-8, a hydrophobic dye which very efficiently sensitises titanium dioxide as the mainly used semiconductor. Dye 11092 (Z907) offers great long term stability of DSSC performance.

Dye Z907

In 2010 the development of synthesis of Dye C106 (58310) CAS: 116943-93-0 was finished. This dye gives better yield in light harvesting and increases the cell efficiency up to 11.4 %.

Dye C106

Another dye offered by ORGANICA is Dye K19 (59780). It resembles C106 but presents better upscaling possibilities:

Dye K19

2009 the industrial synthesis of first Energy Relay Dye (ERD) PTCDI (57490) CAS: 112078-08-7 was developed: ERD gives additional light harvesting by absorbing higher energy (blue) photons. This makes the overall absorption spectrum wider for the same film thickness.


ORGANICA offers these dyes from gram to kilogram scale. The sale of DSSC dyes can be made only to companys that have received the license from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL).

For detailed offer please contact:

Dr. Jörg Blumhoff
Head of Marketing, ORGANICA Feinchemie GmbH Wolfen

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